In my life I can reflect back on several people that have impacted me in ways I’ll never be able to thank them enough (Chapter 2: Law of Attraction).

Meet Coach Grabowski, my high school football coach. Much of my personality, character, and life lessons began to be honed and developed on the football practice field, under Coach’s leadership.

What made Coach special to me is the impact he brought to my life that went far beyond football. Had it not been for him personally taking this young seventeen year old kid, with little to no understanding of life beyond high school, to Northwood University May of my senior year, I shutter to think where I may have ended up.

He challenged my thinking and heightened a belief in myself. One thought he shared, as he was driving that day: “Ray, we’re going to Northwood University. You’ve been a great leader on our varsity football team the past two years. You have wonderful leadership skills (up to that point in my life, nobody had ever shared that with me). NU is a fine business school. They will help you best understand how to take your leadership skills and apply them in the world of business. Ray, I highly recommend you consider attending Northwood University.”

Coach always saw potential in his players and invested so much of himself in our development in how to “Bring our Best WHO to Whatever we Do!”

BTW: I took coaches advise and earned my Bachelors Degree at Northwood. He was so right. I learned to take my love of sports, passion for the pursuit of excellence, and the enjoyment of grinding it out within a team environment into my professional endeavors.

Coach Grabowski, Thank you for believing and investing yourself into me and the many young people you’ve touched over your many decades of coaching. You taught us all who we were capable of becoming in whatever role we would find ourselves in. And success is something far beyond the scoreboard. Only fitting that I deliver to you, in person, a copy of the Plan to Win along with my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the difference you made in my life.

One of life’s greatest regrets is unexpressed Gratitude, Appreciation, and Love. What a special moment the two of us shared 12/30/2021.

I’m striving to grow better in: “my life of no regrets”. Please join me in reflecting back on our lives and taking a moment to: make that call, write that letter, drop a note, take that drive. I do believe that will also influence us to be more mindful of expressing the same moving forward.

Thank you for listening and striving to be the difference we hope to see in others.

The Law of Attraction: Priceless.

Only the Best,

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