Pedro Palomo

Interview of Pedro with Jim Goenner and Ray O’Laughlin

“Growing up, it was not the best you know. Mom, never really had a mom, dad, not treating me the best. So pretty rough.”

While I was in juvenile detention I seen him (Ray) come and walk in the door. And I seen people go into the room. I didn’t know what it was for. Somebody came out and I asked him like, you know, what does he do? He like, he helps out teens in juvenile. I asked if I could speak to him, and we went in the room started talking and had a real good connection.

Ray got my attention when I was in the cell, the Juvenile cell. Scary in there, because you know, you really don’t have nobody. Once the cell closes you’re by yourself, you know. So you have nobody to talk to. You can’t really do much like, there’s no cell phones, no TV? No. So there’s a lot of thinking.

A knew God a lot. But I wasn’t really that like faithful to Him. And know, when Ray came along, he, he actually helped me out with that. That actually made me want to get to know God more. And I just started reading the Bible and reading, read a little verses and stuff.

The Plan to Win actually helped me out a lot! It’s helped me set all my goals, what I want to be in life and how I’m going to reach my goals. No, never go back to jail or juvenile, that’s my main goal. Ray He, He picks me up all the time. It takes me out to dinner, we talk about what’s going on. So we just share our life stories with each other.