Community Partner

National Charter Schools Institute

We value people and relationships and are relentless about fulfilling our promises and treating people with respect. Our success comes from the success of our partners and the students they serve. We strive to uphold the virtues of wisdom, justice, temperance, and courage and follow the “golden rule” in all we do. We truly believe in the principles and practices we teach and value the passionate pursuit of greatness.

The National Charter Schools Institute saw the potential in Plan to Win and has partnered with Ray O’Laughlin to see the values and principles in Plan to Win grow into a movement. Through visioneering, publishing and marketing the Institute is proud to support the Plan to Win movement to make way for a mind shift.

Ray O’Laughlin changes lives

He helps people look in the mirror to see “who” they are now, and discover “who” they want to become. Once you truly understand what it means to bring your “Who” to your “What,” your life will be forever transformed.
— Jim Goenner, Ph.D.
President & CEO | National Charter Schools Institute